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We’ll be accepting applicants until 7th November 2020. Be sure to apply before then.

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Position Summary

The purpose of this role is to provide an amazing experience to Humble Income Customers (we call our customers “students”).

You will help our students get results with their skills & business… by providing an amazing experience and support. Doing this will directly contribute to revenue growth for the company by way of products purchase, referrals and renewals.

Every day, you will have the opportunity to provide students with a positive, personalized, and high-quality experience in Humble Income Lab.

You will be responsible for onboarding new students via Welcome Calls, providing efficient assistance to students via phone, social media, email, and chats, responding to positive and constructive customer feedback and systematizing “Questions & Processes” in our community.

In this role, you’ll also be responsible for overseeing some financial tasks like confirming debit/credit transactions, responding to refund requests, and occasionally responding to credit card disputes.

You will apply your multitasking skills by listening and speaking to customers, navigating computers, and typing call documentation simultaneously.

You will have the ability to swiftly gain customer confidence and trust.

With this in mind...

You’re the type of person that loves turning negative experiences into positive ones.

The job is partly proactive, partly reactive.

Day to day, you’ll be working with and continuously improving our CRM systems, processes, contents, online courses, and our Community with feedbacks from students.

You’ll be accountable for these KPIs:

(We’ll explain the KPI's, if you don’t understand what it’s about)

Simply put, when our students get results, everyone wins.

You MUST be:

NOTE: This position FULL-TIME and VIRTUAL. Meaning you can work from anywhere. Preference, for this position is someone working in Lagos.

Please DO NOT apply for this position if you:

If you’re not in these categories above, then please continue reading…


At Humble Income Lab, we value work ethic, coach-ability, positive attitude, and past results you’ve delivered significantly more than your degree (or lack thereof), GPA, etc.

Have you delivered results in a similar role in the past? If so, that’s what we’re looking for…

We’re not interested in your school degree - we’re interested in your results.

That being said, feel free to apply even if you don’t “tick the boxes” below. Just be sure to mention that in your application + why we should consider you.



Roles & Responsibilities:

The Pay

We believe that our people are the main drivers of success in Humble Income Lab...

That's why we find generous and innovative ways to thank employees for their hard work and dedication.

We have a whole host of benefits to help you enjoy work to the full.

Also Includes The Following Benefits:

Your Growth Is Guaranteed!

Humble Income Lab:

Humble Income Lab is an online education hub that teaches people how to acquire high-income skills and build high-income businesses...

Through 3 main income vehicles:

Ecommerce (We help people start & grow their ecommerce business with our unique tools and systems)

Agency (We help people start & grow their Skill-Based Business like Marketing, Website Funnel Design, Copywriting and much more)

Coaching (We help people start & grow their Knowledge-Based Business so that, they can help more people and get paid for it).

We’ve helped hundreds of people with their skills and businesses.

Our core philosophy focuses on using the 80/20 principles to approach every area of our business.

We’re not afraid of competition because our unique perspective on each subject gives us an edge in helping our customers achieve big results.

Our business isn’t built on page views, likes or venture funding. We’re 100% funded by helping our customers.

That means we have to pick problems that are worth solving — and solve them — so that our customers will happily open up their wallets and pay for our solutions.

Solving hard problems also drives us in our marketing strategies, editorial process, and technical infrastructure.

If you relish big challenges, we should talk.

If that’s you, fill the form below. We’d love to have you on the team.